ACMA – Carrying your mission since 1989

ACMA was founded 30 years ago to develop and manage vital role equipment for the Eurofighter Typhoon.

With unmatched expertise in Armament Carriage and Release Equipment, the international specialists at ACMA develop complex parts, provide them just in time, giving state-of-the art support and services with industry leading turnaround times. Real integrated Product Lifecycle Management. Today with an expanded scope of activities.

The fundamental principle: advanced collaboration, through elaborate communication, as an active contributing medium between suppliers and clients, being a strategic system
consultant. Always delivering to market needs.

ACMA is now ready for future armament carrying systems and role equipment.

We carry your mission since 1989



ACMA has been founded by MBB, AEREA and MLA to develop, integrate and provide Manufacturing and In-Service Support for Typhoon Role Equipment



Finalization of development and qualification of Multi-Function Rail Launcher and Tank Ejecting Unit


Start of MFRL and TEU Production for Typhoon Tranche 1


Delivery of the 1000th MFRL by ACMA


Preparing and Developing Armament Carriage and Release Equipment for the Next Generation Weapon System

Your Assignment
– Our Duty